Our guide to smartwatches

We know it can be a bit of a jungle out there. Which is why we have collected some expert advice to help you figure out which watch is best for you or your child! ⌚️

1. Which smartwatches function with Tiimo?
All iOS Watchesand Android Wear OS smartwatches function with the Tiimo app. 

2. So Android or iOS? 🧐
All smartwatches need to be paired with a smartphone to function. 
So, if you have an iPhone you’ll need to get an Apple Watch. 
If you have an Android smartphone, you’ll need an Android Wear OS smartwatch. 

If Tiimo is for your child and they do not have their own smartphone, don’t worry, more on that in tip 5. 

3. How do I find the right watch for me or my child? 
There are so many different smartwatches out there with different functions and specifications. Before you start deciding between them, make sure you figure out what your needs are! Here are some good questions to keep in mind while you’re narrowing down your search:

  • Do you need your watch to be able to make a sound?
    Then make sure the watch has a speaker! 📣
  • Do you need your watch to be splash resistant (or one that is 10 meters water resistant)? 💦
  • Does it need to have GPS?
  • Would you like to control the level of intensity of watch vibrations? Some people feel certain watch vibrations are too strong, while others might feel they are too weak. 
  • How big should the watch frame be? Some are larger in frame and look chunky on a smaller wrist. We always recommend that you try the watch out before making a purchase, and consider that it might be something that you’re wearing everyday! 
  • In terms of watch size, the general recommendation is that children ages 8-14 will likely fit the 38mm frame better and children over 14 will fit the 48mm frame better. But we really do recommend trying it on first! 
  • Need the most hi-tech product on the market? We get it – we’re tech geeks too 🤓 But if not, and you’re only planning on using the watch for Tiimo, then older versions of both iOS and Android Wear OS run the Tiimo app smoothly. However, make sure that the operation system on the watch and on the phone is compatible (Check compatibility for iOS and Android). So do check out craigslist, eBay, Facebook marketplace, or your local secondhand marketplace for more affordable options! 🛍

4. Any Tiimo-recommend smartwatches? 
We don’t recommend any particular smartwatches, as different people have different needs! The only thing that we strongly advise is to keep within one operating system. If you have an iPhone, choose an Apple Watch, and if you have an Android smartphone choose an Android Wear OS smartwatch.

5. Does my child need their own smartphone to make the smartwatch function?
No. If your child doesn’t have a smartphone, it is not necessary to get one. The smartwatch can just as easily be paired with a parents’ smartphone. When paired just make sure that you silence or block other notifications from email, texts etc., so only Tiimo notifications go through to your child’s watch ⚡️

See Apple’s guide on how to manage notifications on an Apple watch here. 
See Google’s guide on how to manage notifications on an Android watch here. 

Please note that when the smartwatch has been paired with a smartphone it becomes independent. It no longer needs to be close the smartphone to function (more on that below).

6. How does the smartwatch get internet connection? And is it important that the watch has internet connection? 📡
When the smartwatch is paired with a smartphone for the first time it connects with the internet connection the phone is currently on. After this first connection, the smartwatch can run independently of the smartphone on that internet connection that it remembers. 

Your Apple Watch gets internetconnection through your iPhone, thus they must be near each other to synchronize. However, when your Tiimo Calendar is ready and on the watch, you can turn the power off your phone, set to flight mode or leave it at home – you will still get your notifications.

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